Die Fledermaus

Teatro alla Scala 

First performance at Teatro alla Scala

Teatro alla Scala Chorus, Ballet Company and Orchestra
New Teatro alla Scala production

Premiere 18.1.2018

Musikalische Leitung: Cornelius Meister

Regie:Cornelius Obonya, Carolin Pienkos

Ausstattung: Heike Scheele

Lichtdesign: Friedrich Rom,Vroni Obermeier

Choreografie: Heinz Spoerli

Video: Alexander Scherpink



Peter Sonn

Rosalinde Eva Mei
Dr. Falke Markus Werba
Frank Michael Kraus

Daniela Fally

Maria Nazarova (31 Jan., 2 and 4 Feb.)

Princesse Orlofskaya Elena Maximova
Alfred Giorgio Berrugi
Dr. Blind Kresimir Spicer
Frosch Paolo Rossi




Die Fledermaus opens an important chapter in the history of musical theatre: this is not an operetta but a proper Viennese comic opera, unique for its musical and theatrical complexity. Staged for the first time at La Scala, this masterpiece is conducted by Cornelius Meister, while the direction is entrusted to Carolin Pienkos and Cornelius Obonya, a leading figure in the theatre world, who hails from an illustrious Austrian theatrical dynasty. With Eva Mei, Peter Sonn and Markus Werba in the cast, and Paolo Rossi in the comic spoken part of the jailer Frosch, the production is animated by the choreography of Heinz Spoerli.